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What is Hot Tent Camping?

Do the first leaves of fall leave you feeling depressed and despondent because this has traditionally been the end of your camping season? Cheer up. We’ve got a solution guaranteed to lift your spirits and introduce you to a camping trend that’s just beginning to pick up speed: Hot Tent Camping. We’ll try to avoid the usual clichés associated with the word “hot,” but we must add that the hot tent camping movement is picking up steam!

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How to Stop Condensation in Tent

Tent camping can be a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor adventure. Sleeping under the stars, cooking over a campfire and hiking through the woods are experiences that take you away from the daily grind and help unclutter your thoughts. One thing that can ruin the vibe, however, is having a cold drop of water hit your face when you’re sleeping. What causes the water condensation that can lead to such an unpleasant experience?

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Camping In This Fall – Things to Know

There’s a reason fall festivals, rituals and celebrations increase as days dwindle down toward years’ end: campers reluctantly say goodbye to summer and for many, that officially ends their favorite outdoor experience.

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How to Camp Comfortably in a Tent

You gotta love kids: They fall asleep everywhere. In the car. On our shoulders. And there’s no such thing as an uncomfortable place to lay a head, even if it happens to be a deflated air mattress within the confines of a tent. But you’re an adult. And you’re not shy about admitting that you’ve grown accustomed to creature comforts—-even when you leave civilization and go about “roughing it.”

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How to Get Electricity while Camping

Camping is an inspiring way to enjoy the woods, mountains and beaches of our country. It fulfills the need for being outdoors that all human beings have, and communing with nature can be a transformative experience. You can still enjoy the modern comforts of home on a camping trip, though, and it doesn’t take anything away from the adventure. The only hitch is figuring out how to get electricity while camping.

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10 Camping Activities For Teenagers

Teenagers are full of energy, and it’s no different when they’re on a camping trip. To keep them from getting bored, plan some fun camping activities ahead of time, and make sure you have the supplies needed to carry them out. There are so many creative camping activities, and these ten are some of teenagers’ favorite games for camping trips.

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10 Essential Oils To Keep Bugs Away While Camping

Before heading out into nature you want to make sure that you’re protected from the pests that await. Commercial bug sprays are efficient and do the job they’re supposed to do well. The problem lies in what ingredients they’re made from. Take a look at the label and see if you can pronounce everything. Chances are you won’t have an idea what you’re spraying on your body. If that’s the decision you want to go, waste your money and buy some. It’s so easy to make your own bug repellents and essential oils will give you the best bang for your buck.

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How To Navigate In The Woods – The Traditional Way

Once upon a time, a camping trip started out as a gathering of supplies: Tent. Stakes. Rope. A Swiss Army Knife, for sure. Perhaps a grate that could be set over a roaring campfire plus the usual provisions that range from toilet tissue and matches to sleeping bags and provisions.

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Camping

Tents, campfires and long hikes come to mind when people think about camping. But there’s so much more to a camping trip than just picking a spot and pitching a tent. You’ll enjoy the experience much more if you read up on where to go, what to take and how to make the most of your camping trip once you’re there.
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Master the Art of Making Fire from Ice and Other Clever Adventures!

Want to stop your sulky teen from texting in the middle of dinner? Ask him this probing question: Can you start a fire with ice? Tell him that you’re planning a family camping trip and that you’re going to be teaching him this new skill.
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