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Hello there!

Me scaling the Trolltunga
Me scaling the Trolltunga

My name is Chee, I’m a Software Engineer and I’m based in Singapore. I’ve started camping since I was a kid and have always wanted to camp in different parts of the world.

I still remembered my first camping trip. It was with my family and other friends’ families and children. We camped at a beach, I would play games in the tent with other kids while our parents would go fishing. It was all fun but unfortunately sleeping wasn’t comfortable at all. I figured that was many years ago and perhaps outdoor gear didn’t have that technology to provide maximum comfort. Things have definitely changed for the better.

Although we didn’t have a good sleep, it didn’t stop us from camping. I went on to camp in a forest where we would wait for fruits to drop and pick them up. Living in a forest in a tropical country means that ants, mosquitoes, and other bugs such as centipedes were a common sight. You would totally regret it if you leave the tent door open for too long. Anyway it was still a great experience minus the bugs crawling up our bodies.

Fast forward to now, I think I’ve camped in a lot of interesting places. I camped on a floating raft in the middle of the ocean. I’ve camped in the mountains. I’ve camped in the forests and I’ve also camped at the beach. My goal is to visit more places in the world and do more exotic camping. Camping in the desert? Maybe.

My Floating Tent Camping Experience in Sweden
My Floating Tent Camping Experience

Another thing about me is I love hiking and I’ve hiked in a lot of places in Europe and Asia, my next destination would be America. When I do that, you’ll probably see me posting a lot about hiking gears and tips.

Why did I start this blog?

I’ve often asked myself, why do I like hiking and camping so much? I didn’t have a good reason until recently I gave it a deep thought. My reason for loving hiking and camping is because I’m amazed by the wonders of the world. I’m always dreaming that I want to wake up with a beautiful view, of the mountain or the ocean or a beautiful misty forest.

Camping allows me to do that. I can find a good spot, set up a tent, put on some comfortable air mattress, make good camping meals, sleep early, and wake up to a mesmerizing sunrise.

However, to go on a camping trip requires effort. I need to do research to get the good enough gear, what to look out for (like preventing pesky mosquitoes from entering my tent), what can I cook, and what to bring. All this takes time, especially when choosing the right gear, sometimes I would get analysis paralysis after reading many reviews on different tents.

So this is my goal for this blog: I want to make this a trustworthy resource for anything camping, giving you all the necessary information so that you can make well-informed decisions without wasting too much time analyzing. I want to help you to have a better camping experience.

I want you to help me out as well, please send me any feedback if you spot any errors on the website and I’ll get on it ASAP. Let’s learn from each other and make our dreams come true!

Things to Note

You may notice articles being written by other authors. I want you to know that I do have other authors but they are also passionate about the outdoors and have real camping experiences and not just anyone who only sits behind a computer. The articles are also planned by me and vetted before going online. Sometimes I would also catch up with experts on certain topics so that I can present to you accurate information. As I mentioned, if you happen to spot any errors, please feel free to contact me and I’ll get on it ASAP.

Also, I want to be honest about how we earn money through this site. Most of our revenue comes from affiliate links. Affiliate links lead you to a product page and if you buy anything from there, we may get a commission. Having said that, I still keep our reviews unbiased because we don’t want you to make the wrong choice.

Last but not least, recently, I have made a commitment to focus on sustainability. As we all know climate change is affecting the world in a very bad way. We have natural disasters everywhere and we are starting to lose wonders of the world. Glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying and islands are sinking. If we can do our part in reversing the effects or at least slowing the effects of climate change, we’ll have more time enjoying the wonders of the world. This means you might start seeing new articles with a focus on making greener choices and we’ll focus on brands that don’t contribute to killing the environment.


Here’s the takeaways of this page:

  • I aim for this blog to be a trustworthy resource for anything camping.
  • I want to help improve your camping experience
  • I want to learn from you as well
  • Finally, I want to keep the world from dying too quickly from climate change

Are you onboard with me? If so, let’s get started here!

Thanks for reading.


A humble tent
A humble tent