What are the Best Hammocks for Camping?

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Swinging between the trees on a cozy hammock is a wonderful way to spend your weekend. The best hammocks for camping are dependent upon several different situations. How often will you be using it? Is it just you, or do you want to cuddle up with a significant other? Let’s take a look at some of the best hammocks for camping.

Benefits of Hammock Camping

Before we get into what to look for in a great hammock for camping, (and in case you’re yet to be convinced that hammock camping really rocks!), understanding the benefits of hammock camping is key. After all, why would you ditch a perfectly good tent that you’ve been using for years over a flimsy bit of material stretched between two trees?

A fair question when put like that! But what about those times when you can’t find a flat place to pitch your tent, or when the ground is so sodden you’d end up waking up in puddles? What about going to sleep and actually feeling really comfortable when camping for a change?

Take a look at these other benefits of hammock camping that may just sway you into hopping in and hanging out:

Best Hammocks for Camping Buying Guide


Years ago, hammocks were mostly made of cotton or hemp rope. Today we have so many options for our hammocks that it may be a little overwhelming. Hammocks come in a number of new sizes and shapes as well, with ones for two and three people not all that uncommon anymore.

So what sort of material is the best to get? Some will prefer the feeling of polyester or rayon to thick ropes. Others desire cotton or resin based materials because they feel that they hold up a bit better to the challenges of camp site weather.

Whatever you pick, read over your care sheet carefully.

Your Camp Site

Take a quick look around your favorite camping area the next time you’re there. You’ll want to do this before you buy a hammock.

Do you have trees you can hang it from? What about poles that are likely to support you? Most importantly: Are hammocks allowed where you’re camping? On occasion, some camp sites don’t allow them for insurance or appearance reasons.

If you don’t have any way to secure your hammock, you’ll need a hammock stand. Most hammock stands are pretty easy to set up, and there is a number of them that come along with hammocks included. If you can’t find a way to secure your hammock without a stand, feel free to get one.


However, if you grab a hammock stand you probably won’t be going on a fifty-mile hike with it. You also probably wouldn’t want to take it along on camping trips where you’ll need a lightweight pack.

Some hammocks can be rather hard to carry along even if you do have somewhere to string them. Hammocks that require folding or ones with spreaders are a lot more cumbersome than ones that roll up like a sleeping bag.

For those that aren’t carrying along their hammocks, such as RV campers that just want a nice way to sleep outside, do remember that you’ll still have to find room to pack your hammock. And once everyone else sees how comfortable you are, you may have to figure out how to pack more than one hammock next time you’re out camping.

Ease of Set Up

When shopping for a hammock, ease of use is incredibly important. After all, you’re supposed to be chilling out! Relaxing! Who wants to spend an hour trying to set up the things so you can do that?

Most hammocks these days are simply unzipping the bag, untwist the hammock and throw the loops at either end across whatever docking system you’ve rigged up. Try to find one that is as simple as this.


If you happen to have a sport and outdoors store around you, they’ll often have a hammock or two out on display. Even those stores that don’t usually have room for a hammock may have miniature models of the ones they stock. This lets you touch what you’re buying and see if the material and “bounce” is satisfactory.

Last but not least, many hammocks come with an assorted amount of extra comfort items to make them feel a bit more snuggly. Pillows to rest your head on that are sewn to the fabric of the hammock are quite common. If you decide to get a hammock with extras like this, try to find ones that allow you to detach them for cleaning purposes.

Hammock Camping Done Right: Tips and Required Gear

Rusee Mosquito Net Outdoor Hammock Travel Bed

Our Rating:

We start this off with a cozy nylon hammock. Suitable for up to two people, it comes with a couple of really nice extras. Not only does this particular hammock disappear easily into an attached sack for storage purposes, it has another little feature.

This hammock comes with insect netting, appropriate for keeping off mosquitoes and other biting insects that may make sleeping outdoors a little less than comfortable. The insect netting is hung via cords that can retract into the hammock if you desire to sleep without the netting.

Those cords suspend the netting above your hammock just enough to keep it off of you, giving you a bug-free night’s sleep.

  • Super Lightweight – Fantastic for portability, this hammock only weighs a pound when fully stuffed into it’s sack
  • Tough Materials – This nylon is the same grade they use to make parachutes and surf sails. It’s incredibly rip resistant
  • Flippable – Don’t like the feeling of having cords over your head? Don’t need the insect cloth? If you flip the hammock over, you can easily use it without
  • Low Weight Limit – At only 330 pounds maximum weight, this double hammock seems to be relying on size rather than weight limit to support it’s claim
  • Thin Cords – These cords are very lightweight, likely adding to the low weight limit
  • Connected Bag – This can make it a bit difficult for stuffing the hammock back into it, since you have to manipulate it so you don’t accidentally rip the bag off

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

Our Rating:

This is an enormous sleeping sack that’s hung like a hammock. Not only does this give you some slight protection from the elements, but it lets you throw in sleeping roll pads and the such like at your leisure.

This double “parachute” style hammock comes in a multitude of colors, but few of them are natural based. If you’re using these on a hunting camping trip, you probably won’t find many animals that don’t see these for miles coming. However, if you’re after a brightly colored hammock then you’re in great shape here.

  • Huge Capacity – This hammock will hold up to 500 pounds between one or two people. This is pretty high capacity for a hammock
  • Cozy – Made of snuggly nylon and with higher sides than most hammocks, this will help keep the wind off during chilly, breezy nights
  • Easy Transporter – This hammock weighs all of 1.5 pounds and disappears into an easy to carry sack in seconds
  • Tiny Connectors – The carabiner connectors on this are a little short. Though the system comes with extra straps to make it longer, having to connect them is a chore
  • Thin Ropes – The ropes on this are less than 1/2 inch in width. They also work a bit like a drawstring
  • Somewhat Disposable – This hammock borders on a cheaply made item, which means you won’t feel bad chucking it in the trash if it gets a hole in it. Still, being able to repair something like that would be nice

OnCloud Double Hammock with 9 FT Stand

Our Rating:

Not only does this bright hammock come with a stand, it comes with a carrying case for all of it as well.

This fabulous little hammock holds up to two people in a queen sized bed area with a common weight limit of 450 pounds. If preferred, you can easily use this hammock without the stand and tie it on to trees or poles instead.

  • Carrying Case – With portability a fairly major concern, all of this pops together in an easy to tote case in minutes
  • Colors – This is a brilliant splash of color for those looking for something bright and playful
  • Heavy Duty Frame – The frame supporting the hammock is made of steel that will not break easily
  • Very Heavy – Since it uses a steel frame, the overall weight is much higher than other hammocks
  • Stretchiness – Due to the fabric of this item, unfortunately, the hammock will stretch over time
  • Unusable stand after sometime – The fabric might stretch to a point where the stand is not high to bring it up

Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock

Our Rating:

These bright hammocks are made from a very heavy duty nylon that ends up weighing in at only 8 ounces when fully stuffed into it’s bag. Bear Butt’s hammocks are a little larger than usual, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll weigh you down on a hike.

Rather than coming with straps or chains, this hammock comes with loops at the ends. It also has stoppers to keep them from getting absorbed back into the hammock when it’s collapsed. These loops get a big thumbs up from us for making it all the easier to adjust this hammock.

  • Strong Warranty – Mad at your hammock? Did your dog chew it up? This company refunds on the spot, no questions asked
  • Homegrown Company – Bear Butt is a small USA company that really wants to interact with their customers. They’re super inclusive and super active on social media
  • High Weight Limit – At least a 500 pound weight limit, though the company jokingly adds they’ve thrown over 900 pounds at these hammocks
  • Company Logo and Name – For the more conservative, they may not be particularly fond of the company’s logo or name
  • Gimmicky – Their packaging, marketing, and website are pretty high intensity and may be a turn off to some
  • Thin Bottom – While these hammocks are strong, the bottoms have no padding or insulation


The clear winner today is Bear Butt double hammock. Not only is this hammock the highest rated weight capacity, but it is exceptionally durable and willing to deal with whatever you can throw at it.

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