What are the Best Tents for High Winds?

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If you’re planning to camp in a high-wind area, then you’d better find a tent that won’t collapse on you in the middle of the night! There are various features that give a tent more durability in high winds, including the shape.

We’ve looked at the many tent models available for your windy adventures and narrowed it down to several that can do the job. Since not everyone has an unlimited budget, they’re organized by price: entry-level, mid-range and high-end selections. Among these sturdy tents, we’ll determine the best tent for high winds in both a smaller tent and a larger one. Here are the tents under consideration:

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What are the Best Board Games for Camping?

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Camping is a so much fun, isn’t it? With all of the fire building, the whittling, the foraging, the hiking – could there even be room for any more fun? Actually, there is!

With board games!

Board games are an amazing way to bring the whole camping team together when it rains when there is downtime, or just because it’s a like, super fun! They require no electricity, and they’re a really good way to pass the time.

They don’t exclude anyone ( apart from babies, who are having too much fun wiggling and giggling and crying and pooping!) even your great grandma can get in on the action without even having to get out of her chair.

Cozy on up under that tarp, inside the RV or on the camping table and get ready to game the original way with our list of best board games for camping rundown:

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How to Store Food while Camping?

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One of the highlights of going on a camping trip is enjoying the food you bring. Cooking steaks over an open fire while the potatoes are baking in the coals is an experience that can’t be beaten! And of course, s’mores are the traditional melt-in-your-mouth dessert.

But, since you can’t get by on steaks and dessert alone, you have to think about how to store other foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and condiments. We have some helpful tips on how to prepare food for camping and keep it fresh the whole time you’re communing with nature.

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What is the Best Portable Propane Fire Pit?

What are the Best Portable Propane Fire Pit

Camping is not just sleeping out in the open. It is the smell of the outdoors, feeling the dirt beneath your feet and the wind running through your hair. The smell of sausages sizzling on the hot barbecue, the stories told around the campfire. Snuggling up inside a sleeping bag listening to the wind and the rain against the tent canvas and smelling the intense natural perfume of the fresh pine forest in the morning.

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Why You should be Camping this Winter

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Yes I did just put the words ‘camping’ and ‘winter’ in the same sentence. But before you completely reject the idea, first hear me out. Camping in the winter (the more I say it, the more you’ll come around) is actually not as crazy as it sounds. Lower temperatures mean less bugs, less people and spectacular winter views you will not witness at any other time of year.

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How to Clean A Down Sleeping Bag

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If you’ve put up the small bag of gold needed to get yourself kitted up with a super-cozy, last-you-a-lifetime down sleeping bag, the chances are you want to look after it so that it does indeed, last you a lifetime. After a season of hiking, camping and hopefully plenty of deliciously insulated sleeping, your down sleeping bag could well be a little bit stinky. You may also find it has a little less body as the grime depletes that sublime feather fluffiness your lovely bag had when you first bought it.

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Weekend Getaways to Canada

Winter is coming, which means now more than ever is the perfect time to adventure to Canada’s great outdoors. Travelers looking for a quick escape north of the border for a nature getaway are in for a real treat when visiting the unique camping retreats on GlampingHub.com. Not only do these outdoor havens offer guests a one-of-a-kind stay in the heart of Canada’s beautiful terrain, but each accommodation also gives glampers a little taste of high-end amenities, deluxe features, and the picturesque views of some of this great land’s most epic scenes and landscapes. Canada just became known for its glamping spots, and these are six weekend getaways glampers will not want to miss out on this year:

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What is Hot Tent Camping?

The modern tipi at Oceti Sakowin Camp, Cannon Ball, North Dakota, USA, January 2017 — Stock Photo #140279462 The modern tipi at Oceti Sakowin Camp, Cannon Ball, North Dakota, USA

Do the first leaves of fall leave you feeling depressed and despondent because this has traditionally been the end of your camping season? Cheer up. We’ve got a solution guaranteed to lift your spirits and introduce you to a camping trend that’s just beginning to pick up speed: Hot Tent Camping. We’ll try to avoid the usual clichés associated with the word “hot,” but we must add that the hot tent camping movement is picking up steam!

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How to Stop Condensation in Tent

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Tent camping can be a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor adventure. Sleeping under the stars, cooking over a campfire and hiking through the woods are experiences that take you away from the daily grind and help unclutter your thoughts. One thing that can ruin the vibe, however, is having a cold drop of water hit your face when you’re sleeping. What causes the water condensation that can lead to such an unpleasant experience?

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