If you’ve ever gone on an overnight backpacking trip, you know how important it is to make your own clean, safe drinking water from a pond, lake or stream nearby your campsite. Microscopic organisms like protozoa, bacteria, and viruses can lurk inside even the most pristine alpine creeks, and a crucial element of any outdoors-person’s kit is a good water treatment system.

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Emily Pennington is a writer, adventurer, solo traveler, and all-around lover of things that get people out of their comfort zones. Based in Los Angeles, she can often be found rock climbing or on high-elevation trails all over Sequoia, Yosemite, and the Eastern Sierra.

When she’s not out trekking, Pennington works as a freelance journalist. She’s been published in Backpacker Magazine and Mountain Life Magazine.

Her online blogs have been featured at Backpacker Online, Outdoor Project, Camping for Women, Women Who Explore, Hike It Off, Take Outdoors, and The Outbound, to name a few. Her official website can be found at: www.brazenbackpacker.com