Hilleberg Anjan 2 Review

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If you’re looking for a three season tent that will perform well in inclement weather, you should start your search with an Anjan Tent. Pronounced similar to “onion,” the makers of the Anjan 2 wanted to develop one of the most dependable backpacking tents for non-snow environments. My Hilleberg Anjan 2 review finds that what this tent gains in versatility and dependability, it lacks in ease of setup and hot weather performance.

Our Rating:

  • Heavy duty fabric keeps out moisture
  • Lightweight
  • Fits well into a backpack
  • Better performance in cooler climates
  • Tunnel tent design has difficult setup
  • Not Freestanding
  • Weak setup pegs included
  • Average ventilation
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Key Features

Large Vestibule

One of the things you generally have to give up on when using a backpacking tent is personal space. You have to learn how to be comfortable with sleeping with your gear if there is any chance of rain falling, and any partner you bring along with you is going to be tightly packed in with you.

A great benefit of the Anjan 2 Tent is that there is a large vestibule that you can set up at the front of the tent. You can place your gear under this canopy and not have to worry about it taking up space in the already cramped tent interior.

The peace of mind of leaving your gear outside the tent and not having to worry about it getting wet is a huge advantage for this tent.

Heavy Duty Nylon Outer Tent

Another feature that makes the Anjan 2 Tent really stand out from other backpacking tents is that its outer tent is made of similar material to the manufacturer’s four season tents.

While the material is less heavy duty to cut down on weight, it still retains its superior water resistance.

In addition to being highly water resistant, the fabric used on both the inner and outer tents of the Anjan 2 Tent is a stronger performer against rips and tears than the fabric used by many similar backpacking tents.

Believe me, the last thing you want on a backpacking trip is to find out that your tent is prone to rip during wind or rain.

Floorless Configuration

With many backpack tents, there is only one way in which to set up your tent. You take the tent out of its bag and follow the instructions, with no additional flexibility beyond adding or removing a rain fly.

The Anjan 2 Tent, on the other hand, is one of the only backpacking tents that allows you to set up the tent to more closely meet your specific setup needs.

The Anjan Tent can be set up in such a way that only the outer tent is pitched; the inner tent can be left at home. This allows you to sleep under a canopy roof while experiencing the airflow of sleeping completely outdoors.

This feature won’t keep you from getting wet in a storm, but if you expect calm weather throughout your trip, it’s not a bad option.

Detailed Review

Weight - 5/5
One of the most important factors that you should consider when thinking about buying a backpacking tent is the amount of weight it will comprise, and how that fits into your plans about what you’re putting in your backpack.

It makes sense that a two person backpack tent would weigh more than a one person tent, which has to be kept in mind if you’re looking to bring someone on your adventure.

Regardless, the Anjan 2 Tent is lightweight even for a two person backpacking tent. Coming in at just a shade over three pounds, you can rest assured that you won’t have to cut out essential gear to carry the Anjan Tent in your backpack.

Size - 5/5
One thing that I really like about the tunnel configuration of the Anjan 2 is that there is consistency in the height and width of the tent throughout its length.

It is very annoying to be unable to access one side of your tent because it rapidly slopes down, which is often the case with other backpacking tents.

The Anjan 2 is a very large tent, especially when its weight and pack size are taken into consideration. Most people will be able to sit up comfortably within the tent, and those that can’t are probably too tall to fit in this tent lengthwise anyway.

This tent will comfortably fit two adults, which makes it a perfect tent to take with you if you’re camping with a partner.

One feature I really like on the Anjan 2 Tent is the addition of a large vestibule. The ability to store your pack in a non-sleeping area is a very valuable trait in a tent and definitely, makes the tent seem much bigger than it is.

Sleeping with all your gear when you fear a rainstorm can make most backpack tents feel cramped. It is refreshing that the Anjan 2 does not fall into this same category.

Hot Weather Usage - 2.5/5
If you’re looking for a tent that excels as a hot weather tent, the Anjan Tent is serviceable, though not without a few limitations. The tent has a tunnel shaped design, which makes it difficult for a manufacturer to install mesh windows on the largest tent surfaces: the sides.

The Anjan 2 has small windows on the front and back of the tent, which allow some ventilation through the interior of the tent. You would have the best luck keeping this tent cool if you oriented the front of the tent to face the wind. While this is a solid idea in theory, wind direction can change rapidly and leave you hot in this tent regardless.

One advantage the Anjan 2 Tent has over other backpacking tents is that the outer tent allows the front and rear windows to remain open even during rainstorms.

Many backpacking tents lose all or most ventilation when the rain fly is attached, but the Anjan 2 Tent has similar ventilation regardless of whether or not the outer tent is pitched.

Cold Weather Usage - 2/5
The Anjan 2 Tent is advertised as a three season tent, which means it is not meant for snow or low temperatures. Regardless, the Anjan tent’s problems with ventilation make it a more useful tent in cold weather than other three season backpacking tents.

While this doesn’t mean you should camp with this tent during December, it certainly would be a better tent than many other three season tents for months where ambient temperatures might get a little unpredictable.

Wet Weather Usage - 4.5/5
One of the strengths of the Anjan 2 Tent is that it is a heavy duty, water resistant tent. The outer tent is separate from the inner tent. This means that any water leaks on the outdoor tent from holes or tears will drip to the ground rather than permeate through the inner tent.

The only minor problem with this tent when it comes to water resistance is that the outer tent is lifted a few inches from the ground. This might cause the inner tent to take on small amounts of water during windy rainstorms.

Ease of Setup - 3/5
The difficulty with tents that aren’t freestanding, such as the Anjan 2, are that they can be difficult to set up until you fully know what you’re doing.

The tunnel design of this tent further complicates things; I would strongly recommend watching the manufacturer approved tent pitching instructions before taking this tent out on a trip.

Furthermore, the fact that this tent isn’t freestanding means that the tent requires pegs to be driven into the ground and attached to the tent to give it structure.

If you’re camping in a rocky or sandy area, it might take you considerably longer to find a good area to set up this tent.

Overall Score:

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How Does It Compare To Others?

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2 Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2 Tent might be a sight for sore eyes for you if you’re a more novice camper. Its dome-style structure means that it is incredibly easy for anyone to set up, and the fact that it is freestanding takes a lot of the frustration out of finding an appropriate spot to stake your tent.

If you’re looking to keep your sleeping area dry without having to bring a bulky tarp, the Anjan 2 Tent is a better fit for you. Its floor is much thicker and water resistant than that of the Meramac Tent.

Additionally, the Anjan Tent’s light weight and small bag size are perfect for you if you plan to carry as light a backpack as possible.

Kelty Salida 2 Tent

The Kelty Salida 2 Tent is a great hot weather tent. It has a large window that wraps completely around the tent, allowing a great deal of air circulation throughout the tent.

The Salida Tent is heavier and has a less compact bag than the Anjan 2, which means that it is better for shorter trips where a tent’s weight can comprise a greater percentage of the backpack’s overall weight.

The Anjan 2 Tent is a stronger performer in inclement weather than its counterpart, which makes it a great tent for longer stretches of backpacking. Additionally, the Anjan Tent has a vestibule that is bigger than the one in the Salida Tent, which means that the Anjan Tent will be less cluttered when rain is expected.

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Slumberjack Trail Tent 2

Though the Slumberjack Trail Tent 2 Person Tent is considered a backpacking tent, it weighs considerably more than the Anjan 2. The Slumberjack Tent also takes up a lot more space in a backpack than its counterpart.

The advantages the Slumberjack Tent has over the Anjan 2 Tent is that it is considerably larger, and more ventilated surface area.

You should be more inclined to consider the Slumberjack Trail Tent if you plan to do more casual backpacking.

If you need a tent that is a more traditional, hardcore backpacking tent, the Anjan 2 Tent would be closer to what you’re looking for.

Should you buy?

The Anjan 2 Tent has some limitations in hot weather, and has a complicated setup for first time users. Don’t let this scare you away from the benefits of the tent!

The Anjan Tent is very comfortable for its size, and is lightweight and very portable. Its ability to keep out moisture from inclement weather is also quite impressive.

Though it might take you a bit of time to figure out the setup, the Hilleberg Anjan 2 Tent is definitely the tent for you if you live in a cooler climate and value versatility in your tent setup.

If you want a tent with great reliability, comfort, and durability, I would definitely recommend that you purchase this tent.

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